City Rhythm

City Rhythm has a distinct style and sound that has been popular in their hometown of Philadelphia and around the world for many years.  Led by Pete Spina and Nick Vallerio, their extraordinary performances at weddings, corporate events, nightclubs and tribute shows, are always tremendously entertaining.

Pete Spina & Nick Vallerio are very proud of the ensemble that City Rhythm has become. They've worked together in the music business for 35 years and pushed the limits of the band far beyond what most groups aspire to.  As sax players, the horn section is always vital, but beyond that is a range of music that's hard to define. On a recent weekend the band played a bar gig, an elegant wedding and a show with its large jazz orchestra - all equally successful.


This website gives a glimpse of what City Rhythm has created and accomplished, and what the band brings to the music scene going forward. The constants that stand out are the enthusiasm for creating good music and the dedicated work of the gifted musicians and singers who have given of their talent to the band.  The songs, the audiences, the scenes, the travels, and the friendships are all living proof of why the band's motto is "Great Music and Great Fun".


Steve Ritrovato

Steve has been a featured vocalist with City Rhythm for over 20 years.  His smooth stylings of the Frank Sinatra songbook and popular standards has earned him a reputation as a top performer of the Great American Songbook.  His vocal ability doesn't stop there though.  Steve spent his early career on the road with a funk band and has a great feel for rock classics.  His soulful vocals are a hit in any style.

Vicki Woodlyn

Vicki brings an incredible flair to City Rhythm and has attracted countless fans during her many years with the band.  From classic R&B tunes to the hits of today, Vicki brings both warmth and sizzle to her music.  In the jazz vein, Vicki blends perfectly with the group when she delivers big band classics and songs of artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Dinah Washington.  Her love of all music always shines through.



Rich Cox

As a singer and guitarist with the band, Rich has been an integral part of City Rhythm's success. Covering a vast repertoire of classic rock, pop and dance tunes, his talent and charisma convey an excitement that dazzles dancers and listeners.  Rich has a mellow side too.  His work on acoustic guitar includes the best of today's singer/songwriters and his jazz style is smooth and impressive. 

Bobby Valeno

Bobby blends perfectly with City Rhythm and adds enormously to the impact of the band.  His talent at the piano is admired by everyone and his vocal range is limitless.  Well known as "Bobby Fingers" in his successful solo career, he has endeared himself to legions of fans with his energetic personality and singing.  That same flair enlivens everything he does with City Rhythm.



Gil Morrow

Gil is the newest addition to the City Rhythm family and he has already become an important part of the band's fabric.  He is featured on many of today's most popular hits and has a great feel for the classics as well.  Whether taking the lead or providing smooth backups, Gil's well schooled vocalizing stands out.  Audiences have responded enthusiastically to his music and his presence on stage.

Weddings and Corporate Events

Special events become captivating evenings when City Rhythm takes the stage.  From Sinatra to Rihanna, the sounds of celebration fill the room.  Vocalists Steve Ritrovato, Vicki Woodlyn, Rich Cox, Bobby Valeno and Gil Morrow bring an incredible range of music to the group with their dynamic repertoire and versatility. Nick and Pete tailor the night to reflect the client’s personal taste and style.  Rave reviews from those who have experienced the band’s magic have given City Rhythm a reputation as one of the top event bands on the scene today.  (Go to WEDDINGS AND CORPORATE page for more info.)

The Other Dimension

The depth of City Rhythm’s play list is truly astounding, and the musicians sound quite at home in all genres of music.  The band is well known for doing fabulous shows at music festivals, concert halls and nightclubs, demonstrating the mass appeal of their sound.  They often create presentations focused on specific styles or artists.  Tribute shows include salutes to big bands like Basie and Ellington, vocalists like Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, blues legends like Ray Charles, and more.  The “Music to Spy By” concert (with movie and TV themes) and “Holiday Style” show (with Christmas favorites), are two very popular performances.  (Go to CONCERTS AND TRIBUTE SHOWS page for more info.)

City Rhythm’s performance credits include an incredible list of venues and events.  They have entertained at weddings and corporate events in every major hotel, country club and music venue along the east coast.  The band has been featured at major events, nightclubs and festivals in cities throughout the USA, including notable venues in Philadelphia (Kimmel Center, Mann Music Center); Atlantic City (Trump Casino, Borgata), New York (Lincoln Center, Highline Ballroom); Boston (Faneuil Hall, Swing City); Washington, DC (Clarendon Ballroom, Glen Echo Ballroom); Tampa (Savoy South, Heritage Village); San Francisco (Sweets Ballroom, Biscuits & Blues Club); Chicago (Chicago Summer Dance Festival), and many other locations. 

City Rhythm has developed a strong base of fans in Italy as well.  They have completed seven tours of the country, with successful shows in cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice, and at festivals in Umbria, Sicily and other provinces.

The band has recorded several successful CDs, including “Goin’ to Town” (1994), “Swinging Blue” (1997), “City Rhythm Strikes Again” (1999), “Sounds of Hope” (2001) and “Vibrant Tones” (2005).  “Vibrant Tones” featured renowned jazz artist Joey DeFrancesco on the Hammond B3 organ.  It’s extensive airplay earned a spot on the national jazz charts for 18 weeks and landed the disc in Jazzweek’s List of the Top 50 CDs for 2005.  (Go to MUSIC page for more info.)

Since their start, City Rhythm has been a popular and successful group by putting limitless energy behind their work and their personal stamp on the music they love.  For those that have experienced the band, that’s what has created the unmistakable “City Rhythm sound”.